Theodore Bikel

Ancient Peoples: Bedouin woman gathers firewood at a settlement in the Negev desert. Why doesn?t Israel work with the ancient people, instead of fomenting conflict, Theo Bikel asks.

Israel Must Work With Bedouin To Develop Negev for All

Israel is at a crossroads with the Bedouin of the Negev desert. It can return to hostile policies of the past — or establish a program of development for all, Theodore Bikel writes.

Joe Glazer Remembered

One feels tempted to mourn: Yet another voice has been stilled. But it would be wrong when we talk about Joe Glazer, who died September 19 at age 88. His voice was never stilled when he was alive, and it will be with us — especially those of us who are part of the labor movement — for as long as the movement has the gumption to turn protest into song and song into protest. Joe understood, better than most of us, that the song is not merely an expression of working men and women’s lives but a tool in the arsenal of struggle.