Toby Axelrod

Children of Bergen-Belsen Survivors Warn 'Never Forget,' 70 Years After Liberation

Seventy years after the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, some 100 people personally touched by the history returned to the site to share their memories.

'Woman in Gold' Success Shows German Preoccupation With Nazi Past

Two starkly different images: a woman wrapped in shimmering gold, a man whipped and bleeding on a cold cement floor.

Auschwitz Survivors Live To Tell Their Stories

What kept you alive? Did your non-Jewish friends reject you? Could you ever forgive? Those were some of the questions posed by Jewish young adults to Holocaust survivor Marcel Tuchman.

Surge of Intolerance: Hungarian supporters of the far-right Jobbik Party march through Budapest. Neo-fascists are expected to make gains across Europe in upcoming elections for the continental parliament.

Far Right Surges Across Continent as European Parliament Vote Nears

Far-right parties across Europe are looking forward to major advances in upcoming elections for seats in the European Parliament.

Reunion With Father's 300-Year-Old Violin

With all the recent news in Germany about the search for heirs to art taken during the Nazi era, a recent announcement about a 300-year-old violin caught my eye.

Holocaust Selfies Are an (Awful) Thing

Smiley selfies from Auschwitz and Buchenwald? They’re trending, apparently, no matter how tasteless they might be. Blogger Hektor Brehl tracked down the top 25 offenders.

Looted Jewish Art Story Takes Spy Novel Twist — With Nazi Punchline

The extraordinary disclosure last week that a trove of more than 1,400 vanished artworks were found in a Munich apartment has raised more questions than it has answered.