Tova Mirvis

In the Afterlife: The Museum of Jewish Heritage staged a reading of Meyer Levin?s radio adaptation of the diary produced and directed by Jennifer Strome. The first adaptation of the diary, Levin?s play had not been heard since its successful CBS Radio airing on Rosh Hashanah 1952.

Hidden Writer Revealed

Francine Prose writes in a new book that the most substantive revisions to Anne Frank’s diary were made by Anne herself in the final months of her life.

Displaced Loss: Milman traces the deaths of pioneer Canadian Jews in place of her family?s untraceable Eastern European ones.

Northern Commemoration

The Kaddish prayer is not only a thrice-daily means of memorializing a loved one, but also a literary framework that myriad writers have used for telling their stories of loss, from Leon Wieseltier’s dazzlingly vast “Kaddish” to Ari Goldman’s deeply moving and personal “Living a Year of Kaddish.”

Judging a Book By Its Head Covering

Apparently the New York Times Book Review now runs tzitzit checks. Or, in my case, a sheitel check.In her recent essay titled, “The Observant Reader,” Wendy Shalit takes issue with the way Orthodox Judaism is portrayed in various works of fiction. She chastises several fiction writers — myself included — for misrepresenting