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Mysterious Murder in Peru Goes Unsolved

She fought with all her might. Myriam Fefer even broke her red, acrylic fingernails trying to fend off her attacker. But in the early morning hours of August 15, 2006, the assailant succeeded in wrapping a computer cord around Fefer’s neck and strangling her to death in the bedroom of her home here.

In Peru, Leftist Candidate’s Runoff Surge Sparks Fear, Recriminations

LIMA, Peru — The decision by two leading members of Peru’s small Jewish community to support Ollanta Humala, a retired lieutenant colonel, for president has provoked outrage among other Jews here.Humala, a leftist with links to authoritarian Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, led the first election round April 9 with 30.5%, and is given nearly

Next for New Orleans: A Jewish Mayor?

NEW ORLEANS — A three-man band played bluesy tunes from a makeshift stage.A woman conducted business ladling out gumbo at $7 per Styrofoam cup.A tall man in slacks and comfortable shoes worked the crowd as residents of the Broadmoor neighborhood here held a street party Saturday to cheer themselves up and proclaim that they

In Unruly Bolivia, Orchestra’s Chief Wields Baton Against the Brickbats

LA PAZ, Bolivia — Dozens of street protests have paralyzed downtown La Paz since David Handel first became conductor of the Bolivian National Symphony Orchestra in 1997.Turning violent at times, the protests have forced two presidents out of office.Handel has learned to take these extraordinary events in stride in a city that is also at an

Orchestra Started by Shoah Refugees

LA PAZ, Bolivia — Erich Eisner founded the Bolivian National Symphony Orchestra in 1945, six years after being released from the Dachau concentration camp and landing in the South American country.Bolivia was one of the few countries still willing to take Jews as World War II erupted in 1939.Eisner, a pianist born in Prague

Peru’s Truth Commission Draws Threats

LIMA, Peru – Salomon Lerner sometimes faced schoolyard taunts as a boy in southern Peru 50 years ago. “Other boys would call me ‘Jew’ or say the Jews killed Christ,” Lerner recalled in an interview.But he had not faced antisemitism since then — until recently. Now he is under attack for his role as chairman of

Prisoners’ Release Stirs Protest in Peru

LIMA, Peru — Two Jewish media moguls imprisoned for their role in a 2000 election scandal were released last week under a controversial new law. Their release has caused a wave of protests and prompted anxious discussion within the Jewish community over some members’ high-profile links to the former Fujimori regime.The two men, brothers Alex

Press Delights In Needling Peru President And His Wife

LIMA, Peru — Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo visited the provincial city of Cajamarca last month to hand out land titles to peasants. It was part of a successful initiative that gives poor Peruvians the keys to the property on which they have been squatting.Not a word of this appeared the following day in El Comercio,

Peru Power Feud Erupts... in Hebrew

LIMA, Peru — Peru’s unlikeliest political alliance became one of its ugliest rivalries last spring, when relations between the Andean nation’s first lady and its most powerful television mogul erupted into a violent shouting match — all in Hebrew.Eliane Karp and Baruch Ivcher, both former Israelis, had been among the leaders of the fight