Yigal Schleifer

Point of Contention: Tayyip Erdogan (left) and Fethullah Gulen (right) pictured on a banner at a protest in Istanbul, December 2013. Once allies, they fell out over the blockade of Gaza.

Turkish Cleric in The Poconos Challenges Premier — Split Over Israel

A powerful leader who threatens to unseat Turkey’s premier is a onetime ally based in the Poconos. The cleric’s support for better ties with Israel may have sparked the split.

For Israel and Turkey, Breaking Up Is Easy To Do

There was once much to bring Israel and Turkey together. Yigal Schleifer writes that the marriage fell apart because close ties never translated into people-to-people understanding.

A ‘Love Affair’ Gone Wrong: Turkish-Israeli Relations Stand on the Brink

A few weeks ago, I was reminiscing with a member of a Turkish nongovernmental organization, a person who works on improving business ties with Israel and the Palestinians, about the golden age of Turkey-Israel relations.