John Kerry Joins Iran Nuclear Talks — Deal Looks in Sight

    Secretary of State John Kerry will join talks on Iran’s contested nuclear programme in Geneva — signalling an elusive breakthrough may be near.

    Texas Christian Evangelicals Take Aim at Evolution in Biology Textbooks

    Social conservatives on the Texas State Board of Education have delayed approval of a high school biology textbook, pending a review by experts, citing concerns about the book’s lessons on evolution.

    Newtown Shooting Report To Be Released by Connecticut on Monday

    Connecticut’s long-awaited report on the shooting last December at a Newtown elementary school that killed 20 children and six adults is due to be released on Monday, the prosecutor’s office said on Friday.

    Moderate Voice: Morocco?s King Mohammed VI is expected to block a measure banning any contact with Israel.

    Morrocan Jewish Leader Says 'No Contact With Israel' Bill Will Fail

    A Moroccan Jewish leader said proposed bills by Moroccan lawmakers to outlaw all contact with Israelis stand no chance of passing.

    'International Jew' Publisher Fined $10K by French Court for Anti-Semitism

    A French court imposed limitations on the publication of five books, citing anti-Semitic content.