Iran Nuclear Deal Would Halt Progress to Bomb — Not Prevent It

    An interim deal to restrain Iran’s nuclear programme aims to make it harder for the Islamic state to build any bomb but may still leave it, at least for now, with enough material for several nuclear warheads if refined to a high degree.

    Australian Sex Abuse Suspect Freed on $1M Bail

    An Australian-born man accused of sexually molesting boys while associated with the Chabad headquarters in Sydney is free to return to his family in America after posting $1 million bail.

    'Talk About Jesus' Air Force Trainer Won't Face Discipline

    An email from an athletic trainer at the U.S. Air Force Academy pledging to “talk about Jesus Christ” at work does not reflect Air Force policy, the academy said, but the official will not be disciplined.

    Dutch Catholics Pull 'Jews Killed Jesus' Video

    A Dutch Catholic public broadcaster has apologized for and pulled off the air a video clip featuring a song which accuses Jews of plotting to kill Jesus.

    Power Player: Richard Joel has been president of Yeshiva University for a decade. What is the vercict on his tenure?

    Richard Joel Admits Yeshiva University Faces 'Substantial Deficits'

    Yeshiva University President Richard Joel acknowledged the school faces “substantial deficits.”