Senate Leaders Warn Obama to Stay Tough on Iran's Uranium Enrichment Program

    Senate leaders appeared ready to delay intensified sanctions targeting Iran while President Obama seeks a deal to roll back that country’s nuclear program, although several warned not to yield on demands that Iran end its uranium enrichment.

    Norway Academic Boycotts Kristallnacht Memorial as 'Israeli Propaganda'

    A Norwegian university distanced itself from a professor who said he opposed commemorating Nazi-era pogroms because it serves Israeli propaganda.

    Baruch Lebovits Plea Deal Falls Through — Retrial Looms for Child Abuse Suspect

    The prospect of a plea deal for accused child abuser Baruch Lebovits was shot down by both the prosecution and defense as Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Mark Dwyer announced a January 23 hearing to set a date for his retrial.

    Pope Francis Blasts Disruption of Kristallnacht Event by Catholic Extremists in Argentina

    Pope Francis, reacting to the disruption of a recent interfaith Kristallnacht memorial, told Latin American religious leaders visiting the Vatican that “aggression cannot be an act of faith.”

    Brooklyn Hebrew Charter School's F Grade Doesn't Reflect Movement, Leaders Say

    The 4-year-old Hebrew Language Charter School in Brooklyn, was dealing with the F it received a day earlier in the New York Department of Education’s annual grading of city schools.