Avigdor Lieberman, King of Far Right, Returns as Israel Foreign Minister

    Israeli far-right leader Avigdor Lieberman was sworn in as foreign minister on Monday after his acquittal on corruption charges, a development that could further complicate peace talks with the Palestinians.

    AJC Demands Probe of Anti-Semitism in Upstate New York Pine Bush Schools

    The American Jewish Committee issued a statement calling on the New York State Department of Education to fully investigate all incidents of anti-Semitism in New York public schools, especially the Pine Bush system in upstate New York.

    Fighter for Justice: Saul Kagan, right, was a founder and driving force behind the Claims Conference to provide restitution to Holocaust victims.

    Saul Kagan, Founder of Holocaust Claims Conference, Dies at 91

    Saul Kagan, the founder and a longtime chief of the Claims Conference, died Saturday at age 91.

    Does Israel Rabbinate Have 'Good Rabbi' List?

    Israel’s Chief Rabbinate says it does not have a list of Diaspora rabbis whose testimony it accepts, despite turning down the testimony of the rabbis of immigrants wishing to clarify their Jewish and marital status.

    German Union Boss Vows To Fight Boycott of Israeli Settlements

    German trade union leader Michael Sommer has vowed to stand up to unionists who want to boycott goods made in West Bank Settlements.