French Jews Fear 'Nightmare' Win by National Front Leader Marine Le Pen in 2017

    The head of France’s Jewish community said he feared that the country’s far-right National Front party may win the next presidential elections.

    Montreal's Le Mood Scraps Panel With Critics of Israel

    A Montreal Jewish learning festival has canceled two sessions that would have been led by a pro-Palestinian activist who calls for Birthright Israel’s abolition.

    Hasidic Jew Who Converted to Islam Admits Making Anti-Chabad Threats

    A Jewish convert to Islam pleaded guilty to inciting violence, including a call to leave Chabad headquarters in New York “a message from Islam.”

    Two Months Grace Period: Vice President Joe Biden embraces ADL national director Abraham Foxman at the group?s centenary gala. Foxman and other Jewish leaders are giving the White House two months before they criticize the thaw with Iran.

    'Jewish Quartet' of Leaders Gives Barack Obama 60 Days for Iran Nuclear Thaw

    Leaders of four major Jewish organizations have indicated to the Obama Administration that they will have a 60-day moratorium during which they will refrain from conducting any public campaign urging Congress to strengthen U.S. sanctions against Iran.

    Samantha Power Stresses No Deal Yet on Iran Nukes at ADL Centenary Event

    The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, reiterated America’s commitment to thwarting Iranian nuclear weapons ambitions.