Ponzi Schemer: Financier Bernard Madoff arrives at Manhattan Federal court on March 12, 2009, where he entered a guilty plea on 11 felony counts.

    Madoff Employees Were 'Puppets' of Enigmatic Employer, Lawyers Say

    Lawyers for five former employees of Bernard Madoff said on Thursday their clients were mere puppets under the spell of what one called an enigmatic “broker-dealer rockstar” and “pathological liar.”

    Reckless Driving: IDF Spokesperson released a picture of the bulldozer used in the attack on the A-Ram army base.

    Palestinan Smashes Through Army Base With Bulldozer, Killed By IDF

    A Palestinian was killed by the Israel Defense Forces Thursday evening after smashing through the perimeter fence of the A-Ram army base driving a bulldozer.

    Marriage Madness: Orthodox rabbis have the final say on how all Jews get married and divorced in Israel.

    Avi Weiss Letter Vouching for American Couple Dismissed By Chief Rabbinate

    The Chief Rabbinate of Israel rejected a letter vouching for the Jewishness of an American couple marrying in Israel written by well-known Orthodox Rabbi Avi Weiss, as well as at least 10 rabbis in other cases, The New York Jewish Week reported.

    Family of Nazi Demands Return of His Body From Italian Authorities

    The family of Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke demanded the return of his body on Thursday after his funeral was disrupted by protesters and his coffin taken away by Italian authorities.

    Hundreds of Indian Citizens With Jewish Heritage To Arrive in Israel

    Hundreds of Indian citizens who claim to be Jews descended from the biblical tribe of Menashe will begin arriving in Israel in December.