Cory Booker Wins New Jersey Senate Seat in Special Election

    Democrat Cory Booker, the charismatic mayor of Newark, was the unofficial winner of a New Jersey special election on Wednesday, handily defeating a conservative Republican to fill the state’s vacant U.S. Senate seat.

    Jewish Settlement Construction Up by 70% This Year, Says Peace Now Report

    Housing starts in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank are up by 70 percent this year, the anti-settlement Peace Now group said on Thursday, despite reports Israel has been quietly delaying new construction.

    Battle Over Limmud UK Erupts Between Haredis and Community Leaders

    An open letter from senior British Jewish community leaders has taken to task a group of haredi Orthodox Jewish leaders for publicly calling for a boycott of the upcoming Limmud conference.

    Abbas Invites Pope To Visit 'Holy Land'

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday invited Pope Francis to visit the Holy Land, matching a standing invitation from Israel.

    Bay Yam Mayor Shlomo Lahiani has been charged with corruption, but he says public will judge him at the ballot box.

    Two Thirds of Israelis Believe Municipality Is Corrupt

    The Holyland indictments, which taint Jerusalem’s former municipal elite with massive corruption, along with the past year’s arrests of mayors on suspicion of the same sorts of crimes, albeit on a much lesser scale, have apparently left their mark on public opinion. About two thirds – 63% - of Israelis think their municipality is infected with corruption.