Netanyahu To Ask Obama To Not Lift Iran Sanctions, Says Official

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is to meet today with U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House, is expected to ask at the meeting that international sanctions on Iran not be lifted.

    Jeremy Ben-Ami touts a large growth in J Street since its inception five years ago.

    Fast-Growing J Street, Enjoying New Prominence, Pushes '2 Campaign' for Peace

    J Street launched its annual conference with newfound importance — and a major campaign aimed at getting Americans to endorse a two-state solution.

    Israel and Other Countries Warned Kenya of Potential for Attacks

    Israel was among the countries that warned Kenya’s government about the high risk of a terrorist attack in the months before last week’s attack on a Nairobi mall.

    IDF Charges Two Soldiers With Beating Palestinian Detainee

    The Israeli military has charged two soldiers with beating up a blindfolded and bound Palestinian detainee, the army said on Sunday.

    Iran's Foreign Minister: 'Holocaust Is Not a Myth'

    Iran’s foreign minister said on Sunday that the “Holocaust is not a myth,” and that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei “rejects and condemns the killing of innocent people.”