Alabama Marks 50th Anniversary of Racial Church Bombing That Left Four Girls Dead

    Fifty years after a bomb ripped through a Sunday school, killing four girls and rocking a racially divided nation, the city of Birmingham, Alabama, is commemorating the tragedy that led to the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    Jewish-Backed Argentine Soccer Team Blasted for Racist Chants

    A Jewish-backed professional Argentinian soccer team has been blasted for racist chants against a rival team.

    California Regulators Ordered a Stop to Kapparot on Eve of Yom Kippur

    California regulators ordered two Orthodox Jewish groups in Los Angeles to stop performing the Yom Kippur ritual kapparot.

    Kerry Reassures Netanyahu on Bid To Rid Syria of Chemical Weapons

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry assured Israel on Sunday a U.S.-Russian deal to remove Syria’s chemical weapons would be effective, addressing concern that a lack of resolve would embolden Iran in its nuclear drive.

    No More Slurs: The Tottenham Spurs traditionally have had a large Jewish support base in London sometimes known as the ?Yid Army.?

    London Soccer Fans Use Banned 'Yid' Slur at Match on Yom Kippur

    Supporters of London’s Tottenham Hotspur team chanted “Yid Army,” a term banned by the governing body of English soccer, during a match on Yom Kippur.