Palestinian Hacker Posts Illegally on Zuckerberg's Facebook Page

    A Palestinian hacker posted a message on Facebook founder Marc Zuckerberg’s wall to show there is a bug in the social network’s security settings.

    Ryan Braun Blames Anti-Semite for Positive Drug Test

    Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun during his appeal of a drug suspension in 2012 told players on opposing teams that the collector of his urine sample was an anti-Semite — and a Cubs fan.

    Jonathan Sacks

    Outgoing Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks Says British Multiculturalism Is Dead

    The outgoing chief rabbi of Great Britain, Lord Jonathan Sacks, criticized the British government in an interview with The Times on Monday, saying that Prime Minister David Cameron and his ministers have not done enough to encourage the institution of marriage, and also saying that multiculturalism has “had its day.”

    Deciphering a Mysterious Line in Dead Sea Scrolls

    Modern Israelis ascribe several meanings of the Hebrew root taph-bet-ayin: “to demand,” “to investigate,” “to prosecute” and while about it, “to sue”. None of these meanings were useful in deciphering a mysterious line in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    Best Option: Amid the Egyptian army?s crackdown, Israel is lobbying the U.S. and Europe to maintain aid to its neighbor.

    Israel Lobbies U.S. To Maintain Aid to Egypt

    The Israeli government is kicking into high gear its efforts to convince the United States and the European Union to support the new military-backed government in Egypt.