Small Israel Rally Slams Gaza War

    More than 150 Israelis protested in Tel Aviv on Saturday against a Gaza war entering its second month, in defiance of a police ban on the assembly that cited military restrictions on public gatherings in cities within range of rocket fire.

    Israel Pounds Gaza Killing 9 — Hamas Hits Back

    Israel launched more than 30 air attacks in Gaza on Saturday, killing nine Palestinians, and militants fired rockets at Israel as the conflict entered a second month, defying international efforts to revive a ceasefire.

    Barack Obama Says 'Hard To See' Benjamin Netanyahu Making Tough Peace Compromises

    President Barack Obama suggested in a groundbreaking new interview that Benjamin Netanyahu may lack the political courage to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians.

    Copenhagen Jewish School Warns Against Wearing Kippahs

    A Jewish school in Denmark informed parents that its pupils are no longer allowed to wear religious symbols near school grounds.

    British Lawmaker George Galloway Proclaims District 'Israel-Free'

    Police in Britain are looking into complaints against a lawmaker who called for his constituency to be “declared an Israel-free zone.”