Israeli-Arab Lawmaker Hanin Zoabi Detained at Pro-Gaza Rally

    Israeli-Arab lawmaker Hanin Zoabi was detained at a demonstration in Haifa against Israel’s Gaza operation.

    Riot Scene: The synagogue at Sarcelles, a heavily Jewish suburb of Paris.

    Anti-Israel Rioters Torch Cars, Throw Firebomb at Paris Synagogue

    Anti-Israel protesters hurled a firebomb at a synagogue during an unauthorized demonstration in a heavily Jewish suburb of Paris.

    Obama Expresses 'Serious Concern' About Growing Casualties in Gaza

    U.S. President Barack Obama raised “serious concern” to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday about the growing number of casualties in the Gaza conflict, the White House said.

    ‘Telegenic’? Palestinian girls mourn before the funeral of their uncle, who died in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City.

    Netanyahu: Hamas Wants To Pile Up ‘Telegenically Dead Palestinians’

    In a CNN interview, Netanyahu claimed that Hamas is cynically exploiting Palestinian deaths to create striking televised images that will garner international sympathy.

    13 Israeli Soldiers Killed by Hamas Militants in Gaza

    Israel’s military said 13 soldiers were killed in a series of attacks in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, the heaviest Israeli death toll in a single day of battle in years.