Don’t Forget: A woman participates in the March of the Living at Auschwitz. Grassroots Polish communities are coming up with new and innovative ways of remembering the Shoah.

    Poland Remembers Shoah in New Ways

    Two very different events, hundreds of miles apart, demonstrated the wide range of ways in which the memory of Jews and the Holocaust are commemorated in Poland.

    What Now for Chabad 20 Years After Death of Rebbe?

    What does a fervent religious movement do after the death of its singular leader?

    Crime Scene: Israeli police discovered the body of an Arab youth in the Jerusalem forest.

    Palestinian Youth Slain in Suspected Revenge for Kidnap Killings

    Police have found the charred body of a Palestinian teenager outside Jerusalem. Officials suspect he was killed by Jewish extremists in revenge for the murders of three Israeli teens.

    60,000 Israelis Download App To Notify of Abduction

    Some 60,000 Israelis have downloaded a free app designed to assist in the event of an abduction.

    Dating App Company Tinder Sued for Sexual Harassment

    Former Tinder marketing Vice President Whitney Wolfe is suing the popular dating-app company for sexual harassment.