Jonathan Sarna Goes Home From Hospital

    Jonathan Sarna, a leading scholar of American Jewish history, has returned home from the hospital two months after collapsing at his daughter’s college graduation.

    Who’s Celebrating? The family of the suspected kidnappers of three Israeli teenagers inspect damage after Israeli troops ransack home in the occupied West Bank searching for evidence.

    Kidnappers of Teens Celebrate on New Tape

    The full recording of the emergency call placed by one of three abducted teens, in which the kidnappers can be heard celebrating, was released.

    Israel Destroys Home of Alleged Palestinian Killer

    Israel demolished the home of a Palestinian indicted in the Passover eve murder of a senior police officer.

    Don’t Forget: A woman participates in the March of the Living at Auschwitz. Grassroots Polish communities are coming up with new and innovative ways of remembering the Shoah.

    Poland Remembers Shoah in New Ways

    Two very different events, hundreds of miles apart, demonstrated the wide range of ways in which the memory of Jews and the Holocaust are commemorated in Poland.

    What Now for Chabad 20 Years After Death of Rebbe?

    What does a fervent religious movement do after the death of its singular leader?