Need a Minyan? There's App for That.

    A new smartphone app aims to make corralling a minyan easier by alerting fellow Jews nearby looking to pray.

    Rabbis Lauded by Vladimir Putin for Fight Against Neo-Nazis

    Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked senior rabbis from Israel and Europe for what he called their help in Russia’s fight against the revival of Nazism.

    5 Children in Gaza Family Killed by Israeli Strike

    An Israeli air strike killed seven Palestinian civilians on Thursday, including five children, in the largest death toll from a single attack since the start of a three-day offensive against Hamas militants in Gaza, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

    Israeli Officer Who Beat American Teen Tariq Khdeir Is Suspended

    An Israeli police officer shown in a video beating Palestinian-American teen Tariq Abu Khdeir was suspended and could be indicted.

    Gaza Toll Rises to 47 as Rockets Rain Deeper

    Israeli air strikes shook Gaza every few minutes on Wednesday, and militants kept up rocket fire at Israel’s heartland in intensifying warfare that Palestinian officials said has killed at least 38 people in the Hamas-dominated enclave.