Golden Gate Bridge Officials Mull Giant Nets To Stop Suicide Leaps

    San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge may soon be less of a magnet for people trying to commit suicide, as regional officials consider a plan to install mesh barriers beneath the historic orange span to catch jumpers before they hit the water.

    EBay Rejects Hermann Goering's Mercedes-Benz as Auction Item

    Auction website eBay has refused to list a World War II-era Mercedes Benz once owned Hermann Goering, a Nazi leader who commanded the German air force, citing a policy prohibiting the sale of offensive items.

    Jewish Groups Concerned About Supreme Court's Decision Striking Down Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone

    Two liberal Jewish groups expressed concern about a Supreme Court decision banning buffer zones at abortion clinics.

    Israel Names Hamas Suspects in Kidnapping of Jewish Teens

    Israel on Thursday named two Hamas Islamists as leading suspects in the June 12 kidnappings of three Israeli teenagers, in the most concrete report yet of results after weeks of searches in the occupied West Bank.

    Marshal Jozef Pilsudski led Poland during the period between the two world wars.

    Poland Chief Rabbi Meets Ex-Leader's Kin

    Poland’s chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich, met with the daughter and other descendants of Poland’s iconic interwar leader Marshal Jozef Pilsudski.