Obama Expresses 'Deep Concern' Over Three Missing Israeli Teenagers

    President Obama expressed “deep concern” about three missing Israeli teenagers during a meeting with Israeli President Shimon Peres and American Jewish leaders.

    #BringBackOurBoys Billboard Comes to Times Square

    An advertisement calling for the return of three kidnapped Israeli teens is running on a digital billboard in Times Square.

    62% of Israelis Care About Diaspora

    Substantial majorities of Israeli Jews believe they share a fate with Diaspora Jews and that the Israeli government should take into account how its decisions affect the Diaspora.

    Alan Gross Wife Calls for Bowe Bergdahl-Style Prisoner Swap

    The wife of Alan Gross visited her husband in a Cuban prison, then likened his plight to an American prisoner of war traded for five Taliban members.

    Northern Exposure: Montreal police and Jewish community patrol members investigate lewdness spree in which a man exposed himself to Orthodox girls.

    Montreal Pickup Truck Pervert Targets Orthodox Girls

    A Montreal man accused of exposing himself to Jewish girls was arrested by police and members of Chaverim, an Orthodox emergency responders organization.