Down and Out: The victim of a previous ‘knockout’ attack.

    2 Women Arrested in Attack on Elderly Jewish Man

    Two young women were arrested in the assault of an elderly Jewish man in New York. The attack and arrests came early Sunday morning in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.

    LISTEN: Kidnapped Israeli's Anguished Call for Help

    The plea for help — ‘They’ve kidnapped me’ — came in a whisper on a furtive cell phone call to Israeli police. Listen to the heartbreaking recording here.

    Unhappy Holiday: Israeli police officers carry the coffin of slain Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi, who was shot in an ambush on the eve of Passover.

    IDF Can Raze Home of Palestinian Murderer, Court Rules

    The Israeli military can raze the home of a Palestinian man indicted for the Passover eve murder of police officer Baruch Mizrahi, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled.

    Avi Oved, the student regent-designate nominee for the University of California system, left; current student regent-designate Sadia Saifuddin, the first Muslim student representative on the board, right.

    Jewish Student Under Investigation at University of California

    The University of California Student Association Board of Directors voted to investigate allegations of corruption waged against a Jewish student nominated to serve as a university regent.

    New Yorkers Hold Solidarity Vigil for Slain Israeli Teens

    Several hundred people waving Israeli flags and expressing grief and solidarity held a vigil in New York on Monday after the bodies of three missing Israeli teenagers were found.