Israel Approves $90 Million Plan For Socio-Economic Development of East Jerusalem

    Israel’s Cabinet approved a $90 million plan for the socio-economic development of eastern Jerusalem.

    Foundering Flagship: In recent years, the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem has been losing tens of millions of dollars annually.

    Hadassah Retains Control of Jerusalem Hospital Under Debt Recovery Deal

    The Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem signed an agreement with the Israeli government on a debt recovery plan.

    Their Place To Decide: Idit Klein, right, the executive director of Keshet, married Jordan Namerow under a chuppah at their 2011 wedding.

    Shai Piron Apologizes for Saying Same-Sex Couples Not a Family

    Israeli Education Minister Shai Piron apologized for saying that same-sex couples are not a family.

    ‘A Fighting People’: Kurdish soldiers keep guard near the frontline with Sunni militants on the outskirts of Kirkuk, Iraq.

    Netanyahu Voices Support for Kurdish Independence

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced support for Kurdish statehood on Sunday, taking a position that appeared to clash with the U.S. preference to keep sectarian war-torn Iraq united.

    #EyalGiladNaftali: Thousands rally in Tel Aviv in solidarity with the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers.

    Parents of Kidnapped Teens Visit Site of Abduction

    The parents of the three kidnapped Israeli teens visited the West Bank junction from where their sons were abducted.