Athens Holocaust Memorial Vandalized With Threats Against Jews

    Vandals have defaced the Holocaust Memorial in Athens, writing threats against the Jewish community on it.

    Israel Supreme Court Overturns Ruling Forcing Mother to Circumcise Son

    Israel’s Supreme Court has overturned a ruling by a court of rabbis that would have forced a mother to have her son circumcised under the terms her divorce.

    More Than a Dozen Rockets From Gaza Strike Israel, Damaging Homes

    More than a dozen rockets fired from Gaza struck Israel in one morning, damaging homes and farmland.

    Israel Approves $90 Million Plan For Socio-Economic Development of East Jerusalem

    Israel’s Cabinet approved a $90 million plan for the socio-economic development of eastern Jerusalem.

    Foundering Flagship: In recent years, the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem has been losing tens of millions of dollars annually.

    Hadassah Retains Control of Jerusalem Hospital Under Debt Recovery Deal

    The Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem signed an agreement with the Israeli government on a debt recovery plan.