French Comic Dieudonne Cleared of Hate Speech in Suit Aimed at YouTube

    A French court dismissed a hate-speech lawsuit against a comedian who mocked the Holocaust and accused French Prime Minister Manuel Valls of supporting servitude to French Jews.

    Spain's 'Jew Killer' Town Plans Sephardic Center

    A Spanish town which is in the process of changing its name because it contains the words “kill Jews” is promoting plans to open a Jewish studies center.

    Kidnapped Teen's Mother Tells U.N. Council of 'Nightmare'

    The mother of kidnapped Israeli teen Naftali Frenkel told the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva that every boy and girl deserves to come home to their families.

    Smile, You Got a Subsidy: Jewish settlers pose for pictures in the Palestinian town of Hebron. Israeli lawmakers are increasingly questioning th high cost of Jewish settlements on the West Bank.

    Why Does Israel Pour Billions Into West Bank Jewish Settlements?

    Israeli lawmakers are pressing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to lift what they call unjustified secrecy over opaque - and rising - funding for settlements on West Bank land Palestinians want for a state.

    Donald Sterling Claims 'Duped' Into Mental Exam That Uncovered Dementia

    Attorneys for Donald Sterling told a probate court judge on Monday that the Los Angeles Clippers co-owner had been duped into medical examinations that determined he lacked the mental capacity to have a say in the $2 billion sale of his team.