Chabad Rabbi on Scooter Chases Down Burglary Suspect in Palm Beach

    A rabbi rode a motor scooter to chased down a suspected burglar after spotting him outside of a Palm Beach, Florida Chabad house.

    Jewish Department Store Heirs Win $68M From Germany in Suit

    Germany was ordered to pay the heirs of a Jewish department store chain nearly $68 million in restitution and interest for properties confiscated by the Nazis.

    Peru's First Righteous Gentile Cited by Yad Vashem

    Yad Vashem recognized its first Righteous Among the Nations from Peru.

    Matisse Painting in Munich Hoarder's Collection Looted by Nazis

    A Matisse painting in the collection of Cornelius Gurlitt in Munich was stolen by the Nazis from its Jewish owner, a German task force confirmed.

    Paradise Lost: A home in the idyllic Moshav Yashresh, site of the grisly murder of two American-Israeli children.

    Israeli Admits Killing His American-Israeli Children

    An Israeli man has admitted to killing his two American-Israeli children to take revenge on his wife for divorcing him.