Alexander Imich, World's 'Oldest Man,' Dies at 111

    Alexander Imich, a Holocaust survivor cited as the world’s ‘oldest man,’ has died at 111.

    Orthodox Banker Files $40M Suit Over BNP Paribas 'Nazi' Training Video

    A former executive at BNP Paribas North America Inc. filed a federal lawsuit alleging that he was fired by the bank after complaining about a training video that featured Nazi imagery.

    Greek Jewish Lawmaker Says Golden Dawn Would Send Her to 'Concentration Camp'

    Greek lawmaker warned her colleagues that if the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party comes to power it would send her and her family to the crematoria because of her Jewish ancestry.

    Lapid: Yesh Atid Will Topple Government That Attempts Annexation

    Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid said his Yesh Atid party will topple Israel’s governing coalition should it move to annex any Israeli West Bank settlements.

    Paris at night.

    Jewish Teens Escape Axe Attack Near Paris

    Two Jewish teenagers on their way to a synagogue in France were chased down by a hatchet-wielding man. They escaped — narrowly.