Right To Die Law Approved by Israel Knesset Panel

    A Knesset committee approved a physician-assisted suicide bill.

    Donald Sterling Suit Threatens $2B Windfall From Sale of Los Angeles Clippers

    National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver said on Sunday a single obstacle blocked completion of the $2-billion sale of the Los Angeles Clippers - a lawsuit brought by embattled owner Donald Sterling against the league.

    Alexander Imich, World's 'Oldest Man,' Dies at 111

    Alexander Imich, a Holocaust survivor cited as the world’s ‘oldest man,’ has died at 111.

    Orthodox Banker Files $40M Suit Over BNP Paribas 'Nazi' Training Video

    A former executive at BNP Paribas North America Inc. filed a federal lawsuit alleging that he was fired by the bank after complaining about a training video that featured Nazi imagery.

    Greek Jewish Lawmaker Says Golden Dawn Would Send Her to 'Concentration Camp'

    Greek lawmaker warned her colleagues that if the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party comes to power it would send her and her family to the crematoria because of her Jewish ancestry.