Mark Zuckerberg Summoned by Iranian Court for Facebook 'Privacy' Violation

    A conservative Iranian court opened a case against instant messaging services WhatsApp and Instagram while also summoning Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over complaints of privacy violation, state news agency ISNA reported on Tuesday.

    Palestinians Agree on Unity Government Make-Up

    Rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas agreed on the make-up of a national unity government on Tuesday in the most significant step yet toward healing their seven-year rift.

    Ottawa Won't Shut Down Palestinian Art Show in Canada Capital City Hall

    The City of Ottawa will not close a Palestinian artist’s exhibit denounced as a glorification of terror by Israel’s embassy and the local Jewish community.

    Audi Admits Using 3,700 Concentration Camp Workers

    A new report by German car company Audi shows that 3,700 concentration camp inmates were forced to work in its factories during World War II.

    Israel Moves Ahead With 'No Occupation' Report's Suggestions on West Bank

    Israel is adopting certain recommendations of a report that claims Israel is not occupying the West Bank.