Gang of 4 Rabbis Indicted in Orthodox Divorce Torture Extortion Scheme

    Four Orthodox rabbis and one of their sons were indicted on charges of conspiring to kidnap and torture Jewish men to force them to grant religious divorces to their wives.

    Igor Kolomoisky

    Jewish Oligarch Spends Millions on Militia To Hold Onto Ukraine Province

    Ukrainian self-defense fighters who clashed with armed pro-Russian separatists on Friday are at the forefront of Kiev’s efforts to prevent the country splitting.

    Embattled Donald Sterling Hands Over Clippers to Wife Shelly Sterling

    Donald Sterling, banned for life from the NBA for taped racist comments, has handed over control of the Los Angeles Clippers to his wife, according to media reports on Friday.

    Europe Bans Eggs and Chicken From Settlements

    The European Union does not allow the import of poultry produced in West Bank settlements, E.U. officials told Israel’s ministry of agriculture.

    Amsterdam Will Repay $1M in Fines Unjustly Imposed on Holocaust Victims

    The City of Amsterdam earmarked $1.18 million from its budget to pay back fines it unjustly collected from Holocaust survivors.