Francis Friction: Israeli police block a Jewish protester from entering holy site in Jerusalem.

    26 Jewish Extremists Busted at Jerusalem Last Supper SIte in Protest of Pope Francis

    Police said they arrested 26 people at a protest by Jewish nationalists on Sunday at the Cenacle in Jerusalem, the traditional site of Jesus’s Last Supper, where Pope Francis is due to hold a Mass on Monday.

    Hello Palestine: Pope Francis prays at Israeli separation wall in Bethlehem.

    Pope Francis Endorses 'Palestine' on Surprise Visit to Israeli West Bank Wall

    Pope Francis made a surprise stop at the hulking wall seen by many as a symbol of Israeli oppression — and pointedly endorsed a state of ‘Palestine.’

    Death Toll Rises to 4 in Brussels Museum Shooting — Suspect Freed

    An employee of the Jewish museum of Brussels died of injuries he sustained in the shooting there, bringing the death toll to four people.

    Rampage on the Beach: Bullet holes mark the street in Isla Vista, Calif., where suspected gunman Elliot Rodger killed at least seven people.

    Grandfather of California Killer Elliot Rodger Took Famed Concentration Camp Photos

    The grandfather of the Santa Barbara rampage killer was a famed British photojournalist who took iconic photos at a liberated concentration camp.

    Welcome to Palestine: Palestinians spraypaint a welcome for Pope Francis on an Israeli military watchtower on the separation barrier in Bethlehem.

    Pope Francis Poised To Arrive in West Bank

    Pope Francis flies to the West Bank on Sunday to start the most delicate part of his stay in the Middle East, with visits to the Palestinian Territories and Israel, where his every word will be scrutinized.