Romania Holocaust Center Opens in Old Elie Wiesel House

    Romania’s first public Holocaust learning center opened on May 18 in the childhood home of Elie Wiesel.

    Bring ‘Em Back: Nigerian parents demand action to rescue the schoolgirls kidnapped by Islamist rebels.

    Broken-Down Israeli Drones Could've Helped Nigeria Find Schoolgirls

    Nigeria bought Israeli surveillance drones years ago that might have been used to hunt for more than 200 girls held by Islamist rebels, but poor maintenance has left them grounded, two official sources and the aircraft’s manufacturer said.

    German Nazi Prosecutors Get Trove of Majdanek Files

    Prosecutors in Germany will soon get files on former guards at a Nazi death camp who could still be charged for their role in the Holocaust, the country’s top war-crimes investigator said on Tuesday, although he added that lack of evidence will keep many of the cases from going to trial.

    Italian conservation expert Maurizio Tagliapietra at the warehouse on Masada.

    Herod's Palace Frescoes Returned to Masada

    Frescoes from a room in a Herodian palace atop the ancient Jewish fortress of Masada were restored and returned to their original location.

    20,000 Anti-Semitic Tweets Greet Israeli Hoops Win

    Nearly 20,000 anti-Semitic tweets in Spanish followed Maccabi Tel Aviv’s victory over Real Madrid in the Euroleague basketball championships, Catalonian Jewish organizations said.