Whose City? Violence flared on the Temple Mount as Israelis celebrate — and Palestinians mourn — the Israeli seizure of East Jerusalem.

    Israel Minister Calls for One-State Solution on Jerusalem Day

    An Israeli minister marked Jerusalem Day by calling for a one-state solution to the conflict with the Palestinians — as the Temple Mount was closed following clashes between Muslim worshippers and police.

    Hungary Town Won't Name Square for 'Quisling' Leader Miklos Horthy

    A town on the southeast outskirts of Budapest has reversed a 2012 decision to name its main square after Hungary’s Nazi-allied World War II leader Miklos Horthy.

    Donald Sterling Slams 'Illegal' Push for Sale of Los Angeles Clippers Over Racist Rant

    Donald Sterling, banned from owning a pro basketball team for inflammatory remarks he made about African Americans, called the National Basketball Association’s action illegal because it was based on a “lover’s quarrel” that was “illegally recorded.”

    Calif. Couple Who Found $10M Gold Coins While Walking Dog Will Auction Trove

    A California couple who found a $10 million cache of 19th century gold coins in their back yard will put most of them on sale on Tuesday, auctioning what experts believe to be the largest trove of buried treasure yet unearthed in North America.

    Yeshiva U. Cedes Control of Money-Losing Einstein Medical School

    Montefiore Medical Center is set to take over control of the running and financing of Yeshiva University’s money-losing Albert Einstein College of Medicine.