Paris Protest: Demonstrators flash anti-Semitic signs at a protest in Paris in January.

    France 'Not So Pleasant' for Jews: Leader

    France’s flag has three stripes, and its motto promotes three values: liberty, equality and fraternity.

    Change Course: University of Michigan students protested last month during a push for anti-Israel divestment. After first voting for divestment, students at the University of New Mexico reversed course and rejected the measure.

    New Mexico Students Reverse Divestment Vote

    The Graduate and Professional Student Association at the University of New Mexico overturned a divestment resolution on the West Bank.

    Holocaust Education Center Opens in Elie Wiesel's Romanian Hometown

    A Holocaust education center will open in the childhood home of Nobel Prize-winning author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel in the Romanian town of Sighet.

    Anne Frank Poster Defaced in Dutch Town

    A poster for a theater play on the life of Anne Frank was defaced with anti-Semitic symbols, prompting calls for a parliamentary inquiry.

    Ehud Olmert Gets 6 Years in Prison for 'Holyland' Corruption

    Israel’s ex-prime minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced to six years in jail on Tuesday for taking bribes in a real estate deal, a crime the judge said was akin to treason.