What Spying? Former Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin called the espionage accusations “absolutely baseless.”

    Israel Rejects 'Baseless' Accusations of Spying on U.S.

    Senior Israeli officials continue to assert that Israel does not spy on the United States, in the wake of a second Newsweek magazine article accusing Israel of “aggressive spying” against the U.S.

    Ancient View: The Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan (right) sits next to the Mount of Olives.

    Rabbis Urge Action Against Arab Attacks on Mount of Olives

    More than 100 Orthodox rabbis, mostly from the United States, are urging action against ongoing Arab attacks on the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

    Free at Last: Relatives of freed Palestinian prisoners gather to welcome them home in the West Bank.

    Knesset Approves Life Sentence Without Parole for Murderers

    A Knesset committee approved a bill that would allow murderers to be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

    World's Oldest Man Alexander Imich Takes Star Turn at 111

    The world’s oldest living man is a 111-year-old scholar of the occult who calls New York City his home.

    Israel Divestment Move Fails at University of California at Davis

    The student senate at the University of California, Davis did not approve a divestment resolution targeting Israel.