6 Candidates Vie for Israel Presidency

    At least six candidates will run in Israel’s presidential election, setting a new record.

    Ukraine President-Elect Petro Poroshenko Demands End to Conflict Even as Violence Erupts

    Ukraine’s next president, Petro Poroshenko, said on Monday he would not negotiate with armed separatists in the Russian-speaking east of his country but was open to dialog with people there with grievances, provided they rejected violence.

    More Rage: Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest military conscription. In another defeat for the community, Israel’s Supreme Court outlawed living stipends to yeshiva students.

    Israel Top Court Outlaws Stipends to Ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva Students

    The Israeli Supreme Court ordered the state to stop providing monthly living stipends to haredi Orthodox yeshiva students.

    Far Right Earthquake: Marine Le Pen celebrates win in French elections for European parliament. Nationalists scored big gains across Europe.

    Far Right Sweeps to 'Earthquake' Wins Across Europe

    Far right wing nationalists scored stunning victories in European Parliament elections in France and Britain on Sunday as critics of the European Union more than doubled their seats in a continent-wide protest vote against austerity and unemployment.

    Give Us Peace: Pope Francis leaves note at Western Wall in Jerusalem.

    Pope Francis Visits Yad Vashem — Lays Wreath at Theodor Herzl's Grave

    Pope Francis navigated the minefield of the Mideast conflict and humbly bowed to kiss the hands of Holocaust survivors as he wrapped up a trip marked by bold gestures.