Bitcoin Firms Hit With Subpoenas in Deals Linked to Jewish Currency Whiz

    Several bitcoin exchanges including the now-defunct Mt. Gox received subpoenas from Manhattan federal prosecutors this winter as they look into possible ties between the exchanges and the online drug market Silk Road, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, citing people familiar with the matter.

    British Imam Convicted in U.S. Court on Terrorism-Related Charges

    A British imam was convicted in a U.S. court on terrorism-related charges linking him to al-Qaida and a fatal kidnapping plot.

    U. of California Leaders Slam Move To Curb Student Leaders' Israel Trips

    The heads of UCLA and the University of California system criticized a student-led pledge that urged candidates for student government to refuse trips to Israel sponsored by certain pro-Israel groups.

    Philip Roth Announces Retirement — Yet Again

    Philip Roth, one of the world’s most revered novelists, confirmed he will retire from writing and public appearances in a final interview with the BBC.

    74% of French Jews Consider Leaving Country

    Nearly 75 percent of thousands of French Jews who participated in a recent survey said they are considering emigrating.