Tunisia Synagogue Damaged in Anti-Semitic Attack

    A synagogue in Tunisia was vandalized in what a human rights activist and some Jews described as an anti-Semitic attack.

    French Journalist Compares Toulouse Rampage to Israel Army Killings

    Editors of a French television talk show censored a panelist’s comparison between the murder of Jewish children in Toulouse to the actions of the Israeli army.

    Stacey Campfield

    Tennessee Lawmaker Stacey Campfield Apologizes for Holocaust Obamacare Link

    A Tennessee state senator said he regrets a blog post that compares signups for Obamacare to Nazi “‘train rides’ for Jews in the 40s.”

    California School Scraps 'Did Holocaust Happen' Essay

    A California school district said it will rewrite an eighth-grade assignment that asked students to argue whether or not the Holocaust happened.

    Members of an ultra nationalist group face off against Russian guards.

    Holocaust Deniers in Russia Now Face Five Years in Prison

    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Monday making the denial of Nazi crimes and distortion of the Soviet Union’s role in the World War Two a criminal offence punishable by up to five years in jail.