White House Points Fingers at Both Sides in Mideast Peace Impasse

    A pox on both your houses, but when you want a cure, we’re still here. That is the message the Obama administration is sending Israel and the Palestinians amid the deepening crisis in peace efforts.

    Mahmoud Abbas Says Open To Restarting Peace Talks

    Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday he was still ready to extend stalled peace talks with Israel, as long as it met his long-standing demands to free prisoners and halt building on occupied land.

    John Kerry Says Mideast Peace Talks in 'Holding Pattern'

    Secretary of State John Kerry believes the effort to bring peace to Israel and the Palestinians is now in a holding pattern and the two sides need to decide what to do next, the U.S. State Department said on Friday.

    Vandals Destroy Jewish Graves in Croatia

    Vandals seriously damaged several graves in a more than 400-year-old Jewish cemetery in Split, Croatia.

    Israelis and Palestinians Yawn at Peace Debacle

    An Israeli decision to suspend snarled negotiations with the Palestinians has signalled the latest and perhaps the final blow to two decades of a mostly fruitless peace process.