Extremist Lev Tahor Ultra-Orthodox Sect Wins Fight To Keep Children Near

    The haredi Orthodox sect Lev Tahor has successfully appealed a ruling to place 14 children in foster care in Quebec.

    Amsterdam Taxed Shoah Victims $10M

    The City of Amsterdam collected more than $10 million from Holocaust survivors who were charged ground lease fees for periods they spent in hiding or in concentration camps, researchers said.

    Restive: Police patrol a beachfront hotel in Djerba after 2013 bomb attempt. A stabbing has rocked the tourist island just weeks ahead of an annual Jewish pilgrimage.

    Tunisian Jews Stabbed on Djerba Island

    Police in Tunisia arrested a man they believe stabbed a local middle-aged Jew on the island of Djerba.

    NYPD Disbands Unit That Snooped on Muslims

    The New York Police Department has disbanded a surveillance unit that targeted and monitored Muslim communities.

    Peace Talks Resume Amid Slim Hope of Breakthrough

    Israeli and Palestinian negotiators will meet on Wednesday to try to extend peace talks beyond an April 29 deadline, the U.S. State Department said on Tuesday.