Israeli College Launches Chinese Media Center — First in Middle East

    A college in Israel launched a Chinese media center — the first of its kind in the Middle East.

    Evan Zauder

    Y.U. Rabbinic Student Evan Zauder Gets 13 Years for Sex Abuse

    A Yeshiva University rabbinical student who pleaded guilty to child exploitation and possession of child pornography was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison.

    'Cuban Twitter' Used To Undermine Regime After Alan Gross Jailing

    A U.S. agency created a “Cuban Twitter” to undermine Cuba’s communist government and get around its strict Internet prohibitions, using secret shell companies financed through foreign banks, The Associated Press reported on Thursday.

    Israel Scraps Prisoner Release — Talks in Danger

    Israel has called off a planned release of Palestinian prisoners meant to advance peacemaking and called for the U.S.-sponsored negotiations to be reviewed, an official briefed on the talks said on Thursday.

    Palestinian U.N. Move Carefully Tailored to Avoid Retaliation by Congress

    When Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signed onto 15 international conventions on Tuesday, he shocked the U.S. sponsors of troubled Middle East peace talks. But the move was carefully limited to avoid American retaliation.