Russian Politician Revives 'Jews Killed Jesus' Trope

    A local politician from Russia’s ruling party made statements suggesting that Jews killed Jesus.

    Is Campaign on French Rail Firm Blamed in Holocaust 'Self-Defeating'?

    Efforts by state legislatures to force a French rail company to pay reparations to Holocaust survivors deported by train to Nazi death camps are hurting their chances of ever receiving money, said Stuart Eizenstat.

    Fate of PIcasso Curtain at New York's Four Seasons Restaurant Goes to Court

    The question of whether a fragile Picasso painting in New York City’s Four Seasons restaurant will crumble if taken down to allow repairs to the wall it hangs on will go to a state court judge on Wednesday.

    Anti-Semitic Incidents Drop to 751 — Lowest Level in 25 Years

    The number of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States decreased by 19 percent in 2013, but physical assaults against Jews increased, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

    British Orthodox School Kills Questions on Evolution

    In the wake of an Orthodox Jewish day school redacting questions about evolution from a national science exam, England’s exams office said the practice is not permissible.