German Court Gives $1B 'Looted' Art Trove Back to Recluse

    A German court released on Wednesday an art trove valued at $1 billion to an elderly recluse who had kept it stashed away for decades in his flat before its confiscation in a tax probe.

    Alan Gross Gets 'Dignified' Treatment on Hunger Strike, Cuba Says

    A Jewish contractor who has launched a hunger strike while serving a long prison term in Cuba is receiving “dignified and decent treatment” in a hospital ward, where he is in normal and stable health, Cuba said on Wednesday.

    Stalled Peace Talks Add to U.S. Mideast Woes

    Addressing the United Nations General Assembly in September, President Barack Obama declared the pursuit of Israeli-Palestinian peace one of the two main U.S. foreign policy priorities for his second term.

    French Far Right Mayor Ousts Anti-Racism Group Inspired by Dreyfus Affair

    A French mayor from the far-right National Front party evicted from city-owned offices an anti-racism group inspired by the Dreyfus trial.

    Leo Bretholz

    How 764 Jews Jumped From Moving Shoah Trains To Escape Death Camps

    At least 764 Jews managed to escape the Holocaust by jumping out of moving trains on their way to the death camps, new historical research shows.