Benjamin Netanyahu Plans Landmark Visit Down Under

    Benjamin Netanyahu is set to become the first Israeli prime minister to visit Australia while in office.

    Bernie Madoff Says He Didn't 'Betray the Jews'

    Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff said in a prison interview that he did ‘a lot of good’ — and does not feel he ‘betrayed the Jews.’

    Minnesota Man Sorry for 'Nazi Night' at German Restaurant

    A Minneapolis man who organized a World War II party with actors dressed in SS uniforms at a restaurant draped in Nazi flags issued a public apology.

    Peacemaker: Robert Strauss, center, with Mustafa Khalil, Prime Minister of Egypt, and Israeli minister Yosef Burg in 1979.

    Robert Strauss, D.C. Power Broker, Dies at 95

    Robert Strauss, who once headed the Democratic National Committee, served as U.S. trade representative and ambassador to Moscow, and advised presidents from both parties, died in Washington on Wednesday at age 95.

    Israel Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon Hurts Ties With U.S. by Shooting From Hip

    Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon is in hot water again with the United States for caustic criticism of his country’s main ally that has put more strain on already testy relations with the Obama administration.