Toronto Bookstore Removes 'Oy Veh!' Sign Over Holocaust Volume

    A leading Canadian bookstore chain has taken down a sign hawking a large Holocaust volume with the slogan “Oy Veh! Can’t believe I read the whole thing!”

    Tokyo Police Make Arrest in Anne Frank Vandalism

    Tokyo Metropolitan Police reportedly have arrested a man in connection with the vandalism of hundreds of copies of “The Diary of Anne Frank” in city libraries.

    Christian Pressure? A message written by Air Force Academy cadet after another more fervently Christian verse was ordered removed.

    Air Force Cadets Complain Over 'Christ Lives in Me' Posted on Door

    Controversy has erupted over the posting of Christian verses on the door of a cadet’s room at the Air Force Academy — with some calling the move an attempt to bully non-Christians and a violation of the separation of church and state.

    Tension: Israeli military vehicles patrol border with Gaza after another barrage of rockets hit southern Israel.

    4 More Rockets From Gaza Hit Israel

    Rockets fired from Gaza continued to fall on Israel, a day after a massive barrage from the coastal territory left thousands of Israelis in bomb shelters.

    Israel Law Requires Referendum To Reverse Annexation of Golan or East Jerusalem

    Israel’s parliament on Wednesday toughened a law requiring a public referendum on potential land-for-peace deals involving withdrawals from land annexed by Israel.