Latvian Nazi SS Veterans March in Annual Riga Parade

    Latvians who fought in the local unit of Nazi Germany’s Waffen SS held their annual parade on Sunday, an event which the government feared could raise tensions with Russia as former Soviet states watch events in Ukraine with growing concern

    White House Releases Statement Marking Purim

    The White House released a statement marking Purim that includes a recipe for hamantaschen, the holiday’s traditional snack.

    Happy Day: Holocaust survivor Emily Kessler opens the Purim gift package brought to her by sixth-grader Marlowe Dalton.

    New York Teens Bring Taste of Purim to Holocaust Survivors

    Sixth-grader Marlowe Dalton celebrated Purim this weekend by delivering holiday gift packages to elderly Holocaust survivors.

    Palestinian Youths Throw Stones at Israeli Police on Temple Mount

    Israeli police were pelted with stones at the Temple Mount for the third time in two months.

    Barack Obama and Mahmoud Abbas to Discuss 'Jewish State' Recognition

    In their upcoming meeting, President Obama and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will discuss Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, as well as Israel’s planned release of Palestinian prisoners.