The AIPAC annual policy conference in Washington on March 3, 2013.

    House Overwhelmingly Passes Bill Enhancing Israel Security Cooperation

    The House of Representatives almost unanimously approved a bill that would enhance U.S. security cooperation with Israel.

    Women in the Lev Tahor sect are forced to wear a burqa like uniform that has led some to call the group the Jewish Taliban.

    Canadian Lev Tahor Sect Ordered To Turn Over 13 Children

    A Canadian court ordered the fringe haredi Orthodox Lev Tahor sect to turn over as many as 13 of its children to authorities after some of its members appeared to have fled the country.

    Britain's Top Veterinarian Backs Kosher Slaughter Ban

    The president-elect of the British Veterinary Association called for a ban on slaughtering cattle without first stunning it, which in effect would outlaw traditional kosher slaughter.

    Israel Shoots for Moon With Dishwasher-Sized Mini-Spacecraft

    It’s only the size of a dishwasher and weighs as much as giant panda, but its inventors are hoping this spacecraft will go where no other Israeli vessel has gone before - to the moon.

    Bone Dry: Israel has been making the desert bloom for decades. California officials hope to learn its lessons in coping with the state?s crippling drought.

    Can Israeli Ingenuity Solve California's Drought Woes?

    California Governor Jerry Brown told visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday that he hoped Israeli water technology could help his state deal with a devastating drought.