John Judis Fires Back at Critics of Book on Harry Truman and Israel

    John Judis used to believe any publicity is good publicity. After being called anti-Semitic for his new book about Harry Truman and Israel, the New Republic editor isn’t so sure.

    U.S. Jewish Groups Facing 'More Agressive Effort' From Hackers, Alert Says

    U.S. Jewish groups face “a more concerted and aggressive effort” from Internet hackers, the national community’s security arm said in an alert.

    Extremist Rabbi Warns Yair Lapid Could Be Assassinated Like Yitzhak Rabin

    Israeli police launched an investigation into a well-known haredi Orthodox rabbi’s statement that Finance Minister Yair Lapid could be assassinated in the same way as Yitzhak Rabin.

    Parkinson's Study Probes Link to Ashkenazi Mutation

    A study sponsored by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research will investigate a genetic mutation found more often in Ashkenazi Jews.

    YouTube Vows To Fight Order To Yank Anti-Islam Video

    A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday ordered Google Inc to remove from its YouTube video-sharing website an anti-Islamic film that had sparked protests across the Muslim world.