Orthodox Parties in Israel Issue Ban on Yeshiva Students Enlisting in IDF

    The rabbinic councils of three Orthodox parties in Israel have issued a statement prohibiting their yeshiva students from enlisting in the Israeli military.

    Netanyahu Stays Silent on Attack on Lebanese Hezbollah Site

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would neither confirm nor deny that Israel had struck a target in Lebanon.

    Palestinian Youth Riot on Temple Mount, Injuring Israeli Guards

    Israeli police entered the Temple Mount to disperse dozens of Palestinian youths, who threw rocks and firecrackers at security forces.

    Cartoon of Mark Zuckerberg in German Newspaper Dubbed Anti-Semitic

    A caricature of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in a German newspaper has drawn charges of anti-Semitism against the artist and newspaper.

    The Spanish town of Girona was once known for its thriving Jewish community.

    Ancient Mikveh Unearthed Near Barcelona

    A 15th century mikvah was discovered at the location of the last synagogue in the old Jewish quarter of Girona in Catalonia, Spain.