Israel Sorry for Killing Judge at Jordan Border

    Israel expressed its regret on Tuesday over the killing of a Jordanian judge, who was shot by Israeli soldiers at a border crossing, and promised Jordan to carry out a joint investigation into his death.

    Israel Lawmakers Raise Electoral Threshhold for Knesset Seats

    Israel approved a change to electoral law on Tuesday that raises the percentage of votes needed for seats in parliament, an amendment that critics said targets Arab and ultra-Orthodox Jewish minorities.

    Arab-Israeli Town Hit by 'Price Tag' Attack

    An Arab-Israeli town in Israel’s center was hit with what police believe is a price tag attack.

    Jewish Man Attacked With Taser Outside Paris Synagogue

    Two unidentified men wielding a taser gun assaulted a Jewish man near a Paris synagogue.

    Russian Jewish National Was Aboard Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane

    One of the passengers aboard the Malaysian Airlines plane that vanished is a Jewish Russian national.